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Jewelry Part VII - Jewelry Terms of Miscellany

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 02.02.21 | Jennifer Ventresca
 | BRG

Some terms don't necessarily fall into the neat categories of gemology or metallurgy, but are nonetheless good to know. We've collected some miscellaneous jewelry terms -- most of them have to do with embellishments. Here are our terms of miscellany.

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Jewelry Part VI - Jewelry Metals Primer

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 01.20.21 | Jennifer Ventresca
Blingology - Jewelry Metals | BRG

Since the dawn of the Bronze Age, metals (precious, semi-precious, and non-precious) have become ubiquitous with jewelry. From tin to gold, popularity and values of metals ebb and flow. In our sixth installment of our jewelry series, learn some key terms and metals used in jewelry today.

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Former Attorney, Mayor, and Designer Extraordinaire: The Estate of William "Billie" Durham

On the Auction Block | PUBLISHED 01.11.21 | Jennifer Ventresca
 | BRG

A defense attorney and former mayor of Burlington, NC turned interior design firm entrepreneur, William ("Billy") Lewis Durham's career path was diverse, to say the least. He was a life-long connoisseur and collector of fine home furnishings. Billy's passion for home furnishings fed his entrepreneurial spirit and led him to begin two design businesses which sourced, curated, and provided exceptional design, antiques, and extraordinarily well-designed home good items. His name became ubiquitous for fine design in the interior space.

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Jewelry Part V - Jewelry & Gemology Primer

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 01.08.21 | Jennifer Ventresca
Blingology - Jewelry & Gemology Primer | BRG

Large. Small. Opaque. Clear. Antique. Vintage, Contemporary. Gems come in different shapes, sizes, colors, clarities, and age. Learn some gemology basics in part V of our jewelry series, Bring on the Blingology.

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Jewelry Part IV - Jewelry Types

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 12.23.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
 | BRG

For millenia, people have sought ways to decorate themselves beyond clothing and textiles. From ancient times to the modern era, jewelry has played a key role in personal adornment -- from rings to necklaces to earrings. Learn about key types of jewelry ....

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Five Tips for Creating Your Ideal Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 12.05.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
 | BRG

What transforms a lovely farmhouse kitchen into an ideal farmhouse kitchen? It’s the warmth and uniqueness of decorative arts and accessories. The best way to add your own personal touch to a farmhouse kitchen, in a word, is curation. Check out these curation tips to create your own ideal farmhouse kitchen style....

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Jewelry Part III - Jewelry Through the Ages

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 11.24.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
Bring on the Blingology: Jewelry Through the Ages | BRG

Styles and forms of jewelry have transformed through the ages, while others have become ubiquitous with good design. Join us on a brief trip back in time to explore key eras in the history of jewelry.

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Jewelry Part II - Processing Jewelry in the Lab

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 11.19.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
Bring on the Blingology -- Inside BRG's Jewelry Lab | BRG

When it comes to jewelry, knowledge is definitely power! How can you tell the difference between something that is pure versus plated? How can you determine the difference between a real diamond versus some of the really beautiful modern-day high-end cubic zirconias on the market? It just so happens, that BRG has its own jewelry lab and now we're giving you an inside peek inside.

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Jewelry Part I - Jewelry Word Power

Jewelry & Fashion | PUBLISHED 11.09.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
BRG guide to all things bling-y | BRG

If you've ever wanted to journey into the world of gemology and all things blingy, then you won't want to miss this eight part BRG jewelry series: "Bring on the Blingology" starting with this fun quiz on some basic jewelry terms. It's time to test your jewelry word power.

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BRG's Brands Expansion Leads to Welcoming New Team Talent

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 10.27.20 | Jennifer Ventresca

BRG and all its brands have been expanding both geographically and with talent. We've been very busy over the last month or so with resume reviews, interviews, hiring, and onboarding. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce a large handful of new BRGers to you — from New England to Texas and everywhere in between.     BRG - CORPORATE BRG’s marketing communications department is expanding

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