Jewelry Part IV - Jewelry Types

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(Jewelry Types)

For millenia, people have sought ways to decorate themselves beyond clothing and textiles. From ancient times to the modern era, jewelry has played a key role in personal adornment -- from rings to necklaces to earrings. Our fourth installment in our Blingology series focuses on the types of jewelry that comprise the most common forms. Bring on the bling!


Earrings are pieces of jewelry worn on the lobe or edge of the ear. They come in all shapes and sizes from studs to chandelier style. Here are some of the most common earring forms....


long ornate dangle earrings, usually
dropping more than one level.


an earring which extends below
the earlobe and is designed
to swing freely.

BRG Blog
BRG Blog


a stationary earring which extends
below the earlobe.

Ear Trim:

an earring which follows the
contour of the ear.


jewelry which is attached
to the ear with a post and
secured with an earring back.

BRG Blog

BRG Blog


a round, ring-like earring.


a small hoop earring which fits
closely around the ear lobe.


A ring is a piece of jewelry which adorns a finger. Some rings serve the purpose of communication the marital status of the wearer, while others are simply for style and fashion. Here are some of the most common rings....

Anniversary Band:

a ring of three or more
diamonds or gems, typically
set in a channel or prong setting;


a ring with no distinguishable
top, usually with width uniformity;
may be set with gems.

BRG Blog

BRG Blog

Bridal Set:

a set of matching rings which
includes an engagement
ring and wedding band meant
to be stacked together.

Engagement Ring:

a ring indicating that the person wearing
it is engaged to be married.

BRG Blog

Eternity Band:

a ring set with one or more
continuous rows of gems
which completely encircle the band.

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Fancy Wedding Band:

a decorated wedding band which
is more styled than a simple,
traditional band.

Fashion Ring:

a type of ring worn to express
the wearer's personal style
or a current trend.

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Jump Ring:

a wire ring of any size, usually
round or oval in shape, used
for attaching jewelry parts.

Nugget Ring:

jewelry designed to mimic the
look of a lump of precious metal.

Promise Ring:

a ring worn to show commitment
to a monogamous relationship.

Puzzle Ring:

several rings which fit together
to create a single ring.

Ring Guard:

a ring designed with two shanks assembled so that a solitaire ring
may be inserted into it.

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Rolling Ring:

a ring usually consisting of three or
more bands which roll over one
another as the ring is slid on
and off the finger.

Signet Ring:

a ring with letters (usually one’s
initials), or a design engraved
or carved into it.

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Three Stone Ring:

a ring comprised mainly of
three larger stones.


Bracelets are pieces of jewelry which adorn or decorate the wrist. They might be worn as singular pieces or layered and stacked to make a bold statement. Here are some of the most common types of bracelets....

BRG Blog


a closed, rigid bracelet which slides
over the hand to decorate the
wrist; may have a hinge and/or clasp.


a bracelet to which charms
may be attached.

BRG Blog

BRG Blog


a rigid bracelet designed with
an opening in order to slip the
bracelet onto the wrist.


a flexible bracelet which may
be unclasped and laid out to
form a “line”
(example: tennis bracelet).

BRG Blog

BRG Blog


a bracelet made from
connecting, interlocking, or
linking various pieces together.

Neckware or Necklaces

Necklaces are pieces of jewelry which are worn around the neck. Some are more delicate and dainty, while others are chunky and bold. Necklaces may be worn as singular pieces or layered for a unique look. Here are some of the most common types of necklaces....


a series of connected metal loops /
links with clasp assembly.

BRG Blog

BRG Blog


a non-rigid necklace which snugly
fits around the throat.


a rigid choker-style necklace which
snugly fits around the neck.

BRG Blog

BRG Blog


a long clasp-less cord-like necklace looped (typically in a knot)
which allows the ends to
hang down in the front.


a small, decorative case designed
to be suspended from a chain
with one or more spaces to hold
a photo or memento.
(It may also be incorporated
in a ring or bracelet.)


an piece of adornment which is
designed to suspend
from a necklace.

BRG Blog

Pendant Enhancer:

an adornment designed so that
another pendant may
be suspended inside of it.

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Slide Pendant:

a bailless pendant (a loopless
pendant) which incorporate holes
into the design allowing the
sliding of a chain or cord.

Station Necklace:

a necklace with repeating
elements or adornments
which sit at "stations."

BRG Blog

Men's Jewelry

While the majority of the focus of this blog has been on women's jewelry, we mustn't forget those select jewelry items geared toward men. In addition to neckware, rings, earrings and bracelets, men's jewelry typically includes cufflinks, money clips and tie clips. Here are some examples below....

Cuff Link:

a decorative fastener which is
used to secure the ends
of a shirt cuff.

BRG Blog
BRG Blog

Money Clip:

a folded clip (typically made of
metal) used to hold cash
and/or credit cards.

Tie-Tac / Tie-Clip:

a piece of jewelry used to hold
a necktie in place with
either a post-type fastener or a clip.


The variety of jewelry types is extensive. Not everything will fit the mold of the aforementioned jewelry types. Here is a sampling of some other common types of "miscellaneous" jewelry pieces that you might find in your jewelry box....

Body Jewelry: Jewelry which is used in body piercing (i.e., belly ring, nose ring, etc.)

BRG BlogBrooch: a piece of pinnable jewelry which may be fastened to clothing. Many brooches of the Victorian era include cameo styling.

Charm: an object that depicts symbols, figures, letter, etc. usually attached to a bracelet.

Bead: a large, fancy bead with large holes allowing it to be strung onto a bracelet

Dangle: having a jump ring or bail-type clasp allowing it to swing freely.

BRG BlogCostume Jewelry: jewelry which is made with inexpensive metals and/or imitation gemstones making it more affordable and attainable for most people.

Enhancer: attachment to an existing jewelry item to create a new look.

Family Jewelry: a piece of jewelry created with personal significance to the family (i.e, birthstones representing each family member).

Fancy Jewelry: any jewelry which makes a great fashion statement by incorporating whimsy, fun, and/or innovation in its design. Typically stylish and trendy and not considered a classic or basic piece.

Lapel Pin: a small piece (usually smaller than an inch) of post-type jewelry with a clutch mechanism to secure it.

Medical ID Jewelry: jewelry pieces that are engraved to inform others of medical issues (i.e., allergies, medical conditions, etc.) and designed with a medically identifiable emblem for emergency and medical personnel to recognize.

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