Some Changes are Afoot with BRG Auctions

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 10.17.18 | Jennifer Ventresca

Sometimes it’s hard to change. Nevertheless, BRG has mad some improvements to our auctions! In an effort to improve communications with customers regarding our service offerings, BRG bidders are noticing a few recent changes. We promise — it’s all good!

The most noticeable change appears after bidders log-in and attempt to place a bid in one of our auctions. A Terms of Sale window pops-up and details the terms for that specific sale. In order to place a bid in our auctions, bidders will be able to view the important details for the individual auction as well as choose from a list of post-auction options that will meet their needs. Here are some details about these changes....

Sale Details:

This section outlines any pertinent information bidders must know before placing their bids. For example, buyers premiums (generally 18%), state sales tax (dependent upon where the sale is located — NY vs. CT vs. MA, etc.), any previews (if offered), accepted forms of payment, etc.

Post Auction Options:

We finding that it’s sometimes a challenge for our winning bidders to pick-up their lots on designated days because of scheduling conflicts. Inasmuch as our guest services team loves to hear from our bidders, there tends to be an influx of telephone calls or emails from our bidders after each auction asking whether or not certain pieces can be transported, added costs, etc. which, in turn, leads to long on-hold wait times for our customers.

No one likes to be on-hold for a long time. We know we certainly do not. So, we added a new Post Auction Pick-up Options section. Bidders may choose the appropriate option that suits their needs before bidding and the details are automatically included on the invoice (should they be the winning bidder). We hope this helps our bidding audience with pick-up conflicts and concerns about transportation costs.

Going forward, depending on the auction item, BRG may offer transportation services (where lots may be transported back to our BRG-Bridgeport or BRG-Boston warehouses for pick-up at a later date) with pricing clearly posted on the lot’s description page. In other cases, such as in our coin or couture auctions, BRG may offer actual shipping services; again with fees clearly posted.

FAQs & Agreement:

There are a handful of questions that our bidders (especially newbies) ask all the time. We figure we’ll make it easier for them to have the answers front-and-center before they bid.

In order to bid in any auction, bidders will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the site and authorize BRG to charge their card on file for any and all auction fees (hammer, buyers premium, taxes, transportation, etc.).

We know it may take a little time to get used to the new format, but our hope is that these changes will help streamline the communications with our bidders regarding pick-ups and important auction details.

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