Are You Looking for a New Hobby? Buyers Guide for Remote Control Airplane Fliers & Collectors

Tips & Guides | PUBLISHED 11.06.21 | Jennifer Ventresca
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Calling all radio controlled airplane enthusiasts and those interested in starting a new hobby! BRG never knows what sorts of collections will come in any given week. One recently acquired estate contained the largest known RC aircraft collection in Massachusetts.

"This extensive, radio controlled model airplane collection has been the result of over 70 years of original craftsmanship by Fred (Angel) Mastrangelo. A one-time pilot and flight instructor Mr. Angel has won numerous awards from several of the Aero Modeler’s competitions he has attended all over the US. All of his models are handmade, often to-scale replicas of the original planes, created either from plans or kits.Mr. Angel has been described as one of the pioneers of model airplane building; often designing and patenting many of his own original ideas."

— the estate of Fred Mastrangelo

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the estate of Fred Mastrangelo and offer these unique and fun model airplanes.

If you are new to the world of RC aircraft, we reached out to Mark Berard a member of and webmaster for RC Aces to ask him a handful of questions. RC Aces is a non-profit club based in New Hampshire which promotes the safe enjoyment of radio controlled fixed-wing, multi-rotor, and heli model flying.

Our goal? To get some tips and pointers for new and prospective RC aircraft fliers and collectors.

Although many of the RC clubs in the New England region have shut down operations for the winter season, clubs throughout other parts of the country remain active. Here's what Mark has to say ....

Tips for Newbies

BRG BlogQ. What are the best ways to start collecting radio controlled model airplanes?

A. Collecting is really not the correct term to use. Unless the plane is extremely rare, signed by the real life pilot, or has some special historical influence, most RC pilots don't collect radio controlled models.

They buy, fly, crash, repair, and sell them.

The simple answer is to buy one at a time. If the interest is there, you will soon have multiple numbers.

Q. What are the best beginner radio controlled airplanes?

A. Today most beginners start out with electric power aircraft. They are easy to assemble, clean, quiet, and in most cases cheaper than the fuel burning planes.

Beginners will want to start with a "high wing" low to moderate aerobatic plane -- something not too small. Perhaps a minimum wing span of 48" such as a Timber X, Apprentice, or perhaps a Valiant (there are others).

Q. Do you have any tips/suggestions for training/learning how to operate radio controlled aircraft?

A. The very best tip is to join a local RC club. Most clubs offer beginner flight training with a seasoned club pilot. This will get you up in the air with the least accidents.

The next tip would be to purchase some sort of computer flight simulator software. Realflight and Absolute RC Simulator are just a couple that are out there. Do a lot of winter simulator practicing. Here, when you crash you can just hit the reset button.

BRG BlogQ. How much do remote control airplanes typically cost? (New? Used?)

A. Cost of a new plane ranges from approximately $250 to $300 for the beginners plane models mentioned above.

However, other cost are necessary to be ready to fly. You will also need a transmitter, batteries, battery charger, and other items. A complete start up package for a new pilot will run around $500.

We tell newbie's that visit our club not to buy anything until they come to field, meet the club members, talk to some of the veterans, and see what they might be selling. We all have something on hand that we are willing to sell to a beginner to get them started.

Used equipment generally sells for between one-third and one-half the retail value of new.

Q. What should someone look for when purchasing a used RC airplane?

A. If buying from a RC club member, ask if you can see it fly. Most members are very willing to demonstrate. If flying is not an option, then look it over carefully. Check to see that all parts are securely attached and move freely in the intended direction. It's a crap shoot if buying unseen online from an unknown seller.

Q. Where are the best places to find and buy radio controlled airplanes?

A. The best deal for a beginner will always be at a local RC club, for all the reasons listed above. Even if you decide to purchase online, get advice from a club member and go with a vendor he/she trusts. Local hobby shops are also a great trusted source.

Q.How did you get started collecting and flying RC planes?

A. I have been flying RC airplanes for 10 years now. I got started because of my grandson who was 13 at the time. He saw an RC demonstration at a Boy Scout camp and was excited. We visited RC Aces, our local flying club and joined. He lasted until he turned 16, when he discovered perfume and gasoline and hasn't flown since. The club ended up with me.

As a chartered RC Club we belong to a national group called the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) which oversees our club structure. AMA is a source for a vast amount of information.

BRG Blog

RC Clubs In and Near BRG Regions

For those of you who might be new to the idea of radio and remote controlled aircrafts as a hobby, we compiled a short listing of RC clubs near BRG.

BRG Blog

RC Clubs

CT/NY Metro:

Bergen County Silent Fliers

Country Squire Modelers

New Canaan R/C Society Inc

Quaker Farms RC Flyers

Top O NJ Club

Westchester Radio Aero Modelers

White Hills Eagles RC Club

Boston Region:

Burlington RC Fliers

Charles River RCers

Millis Model Aircraft Club

RC Aces

Rhode Island Soaring Club

Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles

Raleigh Region:

Holly Springs Skyhawks RC Group

Johnston County Aeromodeling Club

Dallas Region:

Falcons of Lake Dallas

Dallas RC Club

Dallas Model Aircraft Association

Golden Triangle RC Club

Greater Southwest Aero Modelers

Rockwall RC Sport Flyers

Rowlett RC Flying Club

RC Auction

Check-out our current (and impressive) single-owner collection of RC airplanes auction. This auction runs through November 11, 2021. In fact, this is the largest RC airplane single owner collection in Massachusetts. Most of the airplanes in this collection have wingspans that range between 36"-60". This estate collection offers assembled RC planes and unassembled kits (in original boxes). It also offer a plethora of parts and accessories. Wow!

This is a wonderful sale for avid collectors, hobbyists and beginners alike. It's also ideal for gifting for that hard-to-buy-for-but-fun-loving person in your life.

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