Raleigh Welcomes BRG in Fine Fashion

BRG Happenings | PUBLISHED 11.25.19 | Jennifer Ventresca
Grant, Christie, & Michael of BRG surrounded by local chambers of commerce members

Yes, BRG-Raleigh has been operating in the greater Raleigh area for several months, but we were officially welcomed to the community in fine style by the Cary Chamber of Commerce, the Raleigh LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and other locals during the BRG-Raleigh ribbon cutting ceremony on November 14.

Of course, BRG's Grant and Christie (center) ventured down to Cary to join BRG-Raleigh's general manager, Michael Farrington (holding the scissors) for the event. Some of the Cary Chamber of Commerce attendees included: Curtis Leary, American Legion PR Officer; Paul Wasylkevych, SPHR; Kenneth Caudle, Small Business Liaison; Cary C.O.C.; Neal Sugarman, International Minute Press; Dan Ball; Raleigh Cary Realty; Mark Esposito, Connectmatic Business Technology; and Helene M. Graziano, Aromatherapist, doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Also, representing the Raleigh LGBT Chamber of Commerce were: Debra Hyson, President; Natalee, StickyLife; and Veronica Brown, Lead Designer, Butterfly Concepts. Others in attendance included Frida Jahja and Kenneth Bollinger.

The group photo is courtesy of the Cary Chamber of Commerce.

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