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Portland Cement Garden Bust Of The Greek God Hermes, After A 4th C. BCE Original

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Item #: 117549
Condition: Very Good - A little wear and tear, consistent with age and use.
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Ca. 1920's. The original marble statue of the god Hermes shows him holding the baby Dionysos in his left arm and raising his right arm teasing the baby with a bunch of grapes (now lost in the original). The grapes are a symbol of Dionysos becoming the god of wine as an adult. It was carved by the master sculptor Praxiteles in the 4th c. BCE. and is on display in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia Greece, the site where it was found.
This fine cement bust shows both of the god's arms abbreviated but is a fine rendering of his handsome head with curly hair looking to the right as in the original. It is mounted on a tiered base. The god's name is inscribed on the back of the support.
H. 34", W. 24", Depth 11", base Diam. 10"
heavily weathered and incrusted for a great antique look, a few chips to the hair