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Important 1937 Papier Mâche Head/Masks Of "The Seven Dwarfs" From A Revue For The Movie

Price $25,000.00

Item #: 124203
Condition: Very Good - A little wear and tear, consistent with age and use.
Categories: Art , Sculpture
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A truly spectacular and important piece of historical American film art. A group of Dwarf Masks from the 1937 Theater Land on stage revue of the new movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Walt Disney is supposed to have helped design and consulted on the production at the time of the new release of the movie. Each dwarf head form mask is painted paper mache.
One dwarf is missing however, and one is duplicated- appears to be "Happy"
each H. 16- ca 22", displayed on custom wood stands, all with losses to paint and age related wear, the set presenting exceptionally well.