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Hand Painted Le Petite Portrait And Studio Session At Kramer Portraits

Starting Bid $400.00

Location: CT Audubon Society at Fairfield (Burr Street)

Item #: 102606
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Kramer Portraits is proud to donate a gift certificate for a studio session and an
11” x 14” Le Petite Portrait on canvas which is hand painted.

This donation has a value of $4,000.00 and the minimum bid on this donation is $400.00. The Le Petite certificate is for a child’s studio portrait of up to eight children, between the ages of three and seventeen, in our Greenwich, CT studio. The certificate is non-transferable. The portrait is unframed.

Kramer Portraits takes the “exactness of a photographic portrait” and through the use of the computer, free hand paints the entire portrait with various brushes and art mediums. Kramer Portraits is now able to reach new heights previously unattainable by any other portrait artist in history, combining oils, acrylics and more in one portrait.

Kramers' staff has created portraits for many prominent individuals and families throughout the United States, including United States Presidents, heads of corporations and celebrities in the entertainment and sports fields.

Kramer Portraits is devoted to creating portraits that are alive with personality, capturing the distinctive character of those special to your heart. Timeless, striking and as unique as the subjects, Kramer Portraits are truly unforgettable living memories.