Jewelry Box Detox

Tips & Tricks | PUBLISHED 04.08.20 | Jennifer Ventresca
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Baubles galore. Funky costume jewelry pieces. Fine, delicate gold pieces. Chains, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings, brooches, pins, cuff links, tie tacks, tie pins, necklaces, and whatnots piled in heaps and twists within the compartments that make up your jewelry box. If that sounds like your jewelry storage, then it's time to "detox" your jewelry box. Periodic jewelry box purges are good practice for keeping your collection fresh, relevant, and, well, a reflection of your personal style. Let us help you determine what jewelry to keep and which pieces to purge with this easy guide to your jewelry box detox.

While the term "detox" generally implies bringing a healthier balance by following a specific diet to expel toxins from the body, for the sake of this blog, we suggest that it's good practice to perform periodic jewelry box "detoxes" to bring better balance to your personal collections.

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Should it stay or should it go?

The jewelry that makes up our personal collection might be a mishmash of old jewelry, inherited family heirlooms, and costume and fine jewelry. When making the purge, there are certain key questions you should consider answering. We've outlined them for you.

BRG Blog1. Do I like this piece of jewelry?

We're pretty much stating the obvious here, but if you do not like a particular jewelry piece, the reality is you are never going to wear it. That piece is a prime candidate for purging. If you love the jewelry piece, it's very likely that it's one of your go-to staples for daily or special occasion use.

2. How much time has past since I last wore this?

Months? Years? Decades? If your answer is fewer than six months (i.e., you wore the piece fairly recently or regularly wear it), then it's an obvious keeper. If it's been a matter of six to 12 months, then the piece is a contestant for the toss-up game. Ask yourself why you haven't worn the piece. Is it because it no longer fits? Your tastes in jewelry have changed? Or perhaps the piece no longer makes your feel special or pretty. If your honest answer is years, then it's probably a good time to part with it.

BRG Blog3. Does this _____ (fill in the blank) have good/happy/positive memories associated with it?

Perhaps the piece has sentimental value. Perhaps it was a gift from a dear friend or your child. If the piece brings you joy, then its something you may choose to keep. However, if the piece brings you negative feelings, why keep it? Perhaps it's the last reminder of a relationship that went sour. Perhaps it reminds you of a haunting past. If the piece of jewelry doesn't bring happy memories, it's probably time to part ways with it.

4. Do I have too many of the same types of jewelry?

Really, how many faux pearl necklaces do you really need? If you have a collection of the same types of jewelry and you only wear a select few regularly, chances are you're not going to miss the extras. Pare down your collection.

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5. Does this jewelry fit my personal style?

Jewelry trends change. Personal styles change. If your jewelry doesn't reflect your style, there's really no point in holding on to it. Ask yourself: Is the piece pretty? Does it look attractive when I wear it? Do I feel attractive when it's on? Forcing a style that isn't reflective of you will end up projecting upon your confidence. You need to be comfortable with what you wear. When you're comfortable, it'll show.

6. Is it broken or missing its mate?

We would venture a guess that almost everyone has at least one broken gold chain, fine stud earring that is missing its mate, or a ring that is missing its gem in our collections. These are usually prime candidates for scrapping (selling for scrap value) if the jewelry is a precious metal (gold, sterling, platinum). Other jewelry with precious gems may be candidates for resetting or repurposing. Maybe a diamond stud that has a missing mate could be repurposed as a pendant. If you're not going to reset or repurpose these odd lot jewelry pieces, don't discard them. Look into scrap values.

Plus, an added bonus is that you can free up some space for new pieces that pique your interest!

We hope this guide helps you with your personal jewelry box detox. While you're at it, if you have any fun quality pieces you are thinking about purging, contact an expert who can help you get top dollar for your valuables.

What are your personal favorite jewelry pieces in your collection? What pieces are your ready to part ways with? Share your stories with us.

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