Rodin Revisited

On the Auction Block | PUBLISHED 12.27.18 | Jennifer Ventresca
Comité Rodin authenticates Buste de Saint Jean Baptiste casting by Gruet Aîné

The results are in! The Comité Rodin has reached its decision on the authenticity of theBuste de Saint Jean-Baptiste that we offered this past October in our Exceptional Fall Greenwich Auction. It's real!

The Auguste Rodin Buste de Saint Jean Baptiste on display for previews at BRG-Greenwich in October 2018

The winning bidder from the U.K. received the results of the research performed by theComité Rodin and was pleased to inform us that the committee does, in fact, consider the work to be the bronze cast for Rodin in 1892 by Gruet Aîné, as the experts at Black Rock Galleries first surmised. Of course, we at BRG are delighted to receive the news and thrilled that we were able to 'discover' this gem in an estate at which other 'experts' balked. It just goes to show you that digging a little deeper than what appears on the surface pays off.

Most importantly, this amazing work of art is now documented with theComité Rodin and is in the possession of a very, very happy winning bidder.

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Mary Blanchette
Amazing! Great job!
Andrew Benson
Extremely well bought - I had no doubt. Congratulations!