Author, Journalist, Collector: The Estate of Patricia K. Brooks

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65 countries.

Five continents.

1,800+ NY Times restaurant critiques.

Hundreds of magazine articles.

More than two dozen books.

Several writing awards.

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The accolades and achievements of author, journalist and collector, Patricia Brooks, in her lifetime are considerable. She was a consummate writer who loved travel and food. Her estate is the ultimate reflection of her life's passion and work.

The Estate Collection

The Patricia Brooks estate collection is a veritable time-warp back to mid century living and features an impressive array of Asian art and furniture, MCM furniture pieces, and an unparalleled assortment of Risley art, jewelry and pottery (as the result of a long-standing friendship with the artist couple, John and Mary Kring Risley).

Mid Century Modern Furniture Collection

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1. Mid Century Modern Wall Mounted Credenza with Woven Fiber Covered Doors (item #170234)
2. Mid Century Modern Credenza Cabinet, for restoration (item #170124)
3. Japanese Designer Wood Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi (1915-2011) (item #170177)
4. Mid Century Modern Dining Table (item #170192)
5. Mid Century Modern Two Tiered Sideboard (item #170195)

Asian Art Collection

Patricia and her husband, Lester, acquired quite an extensive assortment of works of art during their travels through Southeast Asia and the Far East. Highlighted artists include: Waichi Tsutaka, Norio Azuma, Chen Ting Shih, Wu Hao, Chin Sung, Oyan Wen-Yuen, Lian I-Feng, and a variety of mid century and contemporary artists, among others.

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Waichi Tsutaka (Japanese, 1911-1995)

1. Serigraph on Canvas, Abstract Composition (item #170129);
2. Glazed Ceramic Tile, White with Black and Blue Motifs (item #170221)
3. Glazed Ceramic Tile in Blues and Black (item #170223)

Norio Azuma (Japanese, 1928-2004)

4. Limited Edition Serigraph, "Image- E" (item #170207)
5. Serigraph, "In Yellow #2" (item #170206)
6. Limited Edition Color Serigraph on Canvas, "Image in Purple" (item #170231)

Chen Ting Shih (Chinese, 1913-2002)

7. Print on Paper Scroll, Black on White Abstract (item #170257)
8. Print on Paper Scroll, "Slumber (3)" (item #170256)
9. 1966 Color Print, Abstract Composition, "Dreamfull Earth" (item #170226)
10. Color Print, Abstract in Black, White and Red, "Downtown I"(item #170227)
11. 1965 Lithograph, Abstract in Black on White (item #170230)
12. Print on Paper Scroll, "The Beginning of Zen" (item #170255)
13. Print on Paper Scroll, "The Beginning of Zen" (item #170237)

Wu Hao (Chinese, Taiwan, B.1932)

14. Large Woodblock Print, "Fighting Kites" (item #170265)
15. Large Woodblock Print, Floral Composition (item #170266)

Chin Sung (Chinese, Taiwan, 1932-2007)

16. 1965 Woodblock Print, Abstract with Figure (item #170241)
17. 1965 Color Lithograph, Abstract Composition (item #170215)
18. Large Color Print, Abstract In Black and Blue (item #170240)

Oyan Wen-Yuen (Chinese, 1928-2007)

19. 1966 Color Lithograph, "Color Mood" (item #170228)
20. Large Color Print, Abstract Composition (item #170238)

Lian I- Feng (Chinese Modernist)

21. Printed Paper Scroll (item #170258)
22. Printed Paper Scroll (item #170259)

Other Artists & Works in the Collection

23. Japanese Calligraphic Print (item #170125)
24. Keiko Moti (Japanese, 20th-21st C.) Aquatint, Tiger Resting (item
25. Chiang Han-Tung (Chinese, B.1931) Two 1964 Woodblock Prints, a Boat and a Figure (item #170264)
26. Signed 1971 Japanese Color Woodblock Print, Lady Holding Her Cat (item #170224)
27. Signed Chinese 1964 Color Lithograph (item #170216)
28. Jerrow C.H. Chung (Chinese, Taiwan, B.1939) Lithograph, Abstract Composition "Modern Odyssey" (item #170232)
29. Rikio Takahashi (Japanese, 1917-1998) Large Color Woodblock, "Tea Ceremony Room" (item #170225)

In addition to a wonderful assortment of Asian art, Patricia acquired quite an array of mid century works of art, jewelry and pottery from her long-time friends and artist couple, Mary Kring Risley and John Risley. The Risleys were married in the early 1950s and settled in Connecticut after traveling and working in Asia as design consultants for a period.

Mary Kring Risley (American, 1926-2000) was a close friend of Patricia and, as a result, Patricia's estate offers a nice assortment of Mary Kring Risley pottery. She was a nationally known ceramist and in the early 1950s, Mary and her husband, John, spent time in the Philippines. Mary was a prolific pottery producer who exhibited her works in dozens of venues over the course of her career in art and teaching. In addition to exhibitions, Mary won numerous awards for her works. She was also a founder of the Wesleyan Potters Guild in Middletown, CT.

John Risley (American, 1919-2002), on the other hand was an sculptural artist and sculptural furniture maker, who also created stunning mid century jewelry pieces -- many in the brutalist style of the era. He was a professor of art emeritus at Wesleyan, who, in the 1940s served in the U.S. military during the World War II era and later earned his MFA. His sculptural works graced private and corporate collections including IBM and Wesleyan and were exhibited in dozens of shows throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Mary Kring Risley Pottery Collection

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1. Large Art Pottery Lidded Jar (item #174648)
2. Three Art Pottery Pieces with Mary Kring Risley (item #170156)
3. Art Pottery Teapot with 10 Cups (item #170150)
4. Group of Five Art Pottery Vessels (item #170172)
5. Group Five Art Pottery Pieces (item #170157)
6. Art Pottery Melon Form Lidded Vessel (item #170146)
7. Large Art Pottery Lidded Jar (item #170134)
8. Glazed Ceramic Platter with Flower Motif (item #170194)
9. Group Five Mary Kring Risley Ceramic Candlestands (item #170171)
10. Art Pottery Teapot and Six Cups (item #170165)
11. Four Large Art Pottery Pieces (item #170147)
12. Large Art Pottery Lidded Casserole (item #170145)

John Risley Jewelry Collection

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1. Mid Century Modern Brutalist Architectural Form Pendant on Chain (item #170495)
2. Mid Century Modern Unsigned Abstract Wooden Spider Pendant and Cord (item #170489)
3. Mid Century Modern Unsigned Architectural Wooden Mother-Of-Pearl Pendant and Earrings (item #170484)
4. Mid Century Modern Brutalist Stacked Circle Pendant (item #170431)
5. Mid Century Modern Brutalist Abstract Pineapple Form Pendant (item #170432)
6. Mid Century Modern Brutalist Abstract Metal Nautical Form Pendant (item #170445)
7. Mid Century Modern Brutalist Amalgamation Circle Pendant (item #170433)

John Risley Art & Sculpture Collection

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1. Large Scale Carved Wood "Totem" on Stand (item #170236)
2. Modernist Iron Wire Candelabrum (item #170175)
3. Wood Stabile, Modernist Design "Joust" (item #170168)
4. Large Scale Painted Iron Tiered Candelabrum on Stand (item #170235)
5. Carved Wood "Tic Tack Toe" Set (item #170169)
6. Mixed Media Box Construction (item #170173)
7. Group of Three Modernist Metal Candle Holders (item #170170)
8. Boxed Carved Wooden Discs (item #170174)
9. Two Metal Bird Sculptures and a Bookend (item #170271)
10. Carved Painted Wood Modernist Table Top Sculpture (item #170138)
11. Modernist Wood Jigsaw Sculpture on Stand, "Ruby" (item #170139)
12. Two Carved Mahogany Fish Form Trays (item #170133)

About Patricia K. Brooks

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Patricia Janet Kersten Brooks was born in Evanston, IL in 1926. A graduate of Vassar College and the University of Minnesota (1947) with a bachelor of arts degree, she sought graduate studies at the University of London in England, where she met her future husband, Lester Brooks. Married in 1950 and living in the Philippines by 1951, Patricia began her professional writing career with a travel story she sold to the New York Times. Her ensuing writing career would last over six decades. The couple traveled throughout Southeast Asia, the Far East, and Europe.

Finally settling in Connecticut, Patricia's writing was featured in books and publications such as: Food Lover's Guide to Connecticut, Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Guide to New England, the Berlitz Travelers Guide to New England, and Yankee magazine. Even Connecticut Magazine featured a story on Patricia's 38 year career with the NY Times. In addition to travel, food, and writing, Patricia was an activist in local and state politics. She lived to the age of 94.

Patricia's NY Times Restaurant Reviews include:

Turkish Cooking in a Friendly Setting
14 Sep 2012

From Lamb to Soufflé, Let Us Count the Ways
23 Dec 2008

ItÂ’s Not Bragging if You Can Back it Up
30 Jul 2006

DINING OUT; Near Wesleyan University, a Spot for Thai
11 Mar 2001

DINING OUT; A Place Where the Tapas Are the Draw
24 Oct 1999

DINING OUT; Assessing an Old Favorite, Chinese Food
27 Mar 1994

DINING OUT; Memorable Meals: A Critic's Choices
31 Dec 1989

DINING OUT Chinese Cuisine Mom-and-Pop Style Shanghai Village
30 Mar 1980

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