Using "Kiddie Lit" Illustrations for Sophisticated Design

Design & Decor | PUBLISHED 01.18.20 | Jennifer Ventresca

Fun. Colorful. Very unique. Who says that children's literature illustrations and artwork are for kids only? You too can use "kiddie lit" illustrations to create a sophisticated design suitable for any age -- from the nursery to the home office.

Using Black Rock Interiors' Paul Harvey Estate Childrens Lit Illustrator's Works of Art, an original collection of fine children’s book illustrations hailing from the reclusive Westport estate of Paul Harvey, artist and illustrator, be inspired to think of art in a new way.

Harvey’s impressive lifetime career spanned decades and he received over fifty awards for his work, both nationally and internationally. He is most commonly known for his work in illustrations and publishing, but also had much success in advertising. After spending some time exploring jungle, animal and insect art in Mexico, Harvey retreated to Westport, Connecticut where he lived out the rest of his life — illustrating to the very end. Some of his published illustrator credits include: Hats!; Jake’s Cake Mistake; Natasha; Clever Cat; Pig in a Wig; and Alpha Tales.

If you’re looking for a creative and way to decorate a nursery, children’s playroom or even create a fun splash-of-color art wall to your home office or living room, you should take a peak at the offerings in this estate collection.

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