Traditional Local Estate Sales


Black Rock Galleries


While BRG is changing the traditional estate sales landscape with innovative software, sometimes a traditional estate sale is still the best option. BRG offers this traditional service from consultation to completion with expertise, professionalism, discretion and sensitivity.

As with all of our services, BRG offers a complementary consultation to discover your needs, the scope of the project, time frames and to learn how we can serve you best.  

Once an agreement is made and a plan is in place, our team of professionals will execute.  BRG will research, price, and stage the property for sale.  Our marketing team will photograph and advertise your sale through multiple venues and blast to our 10,000 registered customers.  Road signage will blanket the area and calls will be made to customers with wish lists.

BRG will run the sale, collect funds and finally present receipts and payment within 7 days after the sale.

BRG can also offer a clean out and broom sweep of the property if needed.


Have a painting, fine jewelry or unique collectible that doesn't fit the estate sale model?  BRG is happy to work with you to try a different option for these special pieces.  BRG can offer the item in our retail store and on 1stdibs with predictable pricing or offer in one of our premiere auctions held twice per year.