Clean Outs


Sometimes you just need to get rid of everything ... the good, the bad, and the ugly!


BRG understands that proceeding with an estate clean out is sometimes overwhelming, difficult, and daunting.  During those times, you want a company that will be compassionate, punctual, patient and respectful — all while treating you with the utmost care.  

BRG will evaluate your estate and then go through the process of sorting those items that are sellable from other items that will either be donated to a local charity or earmarked for trash. Black Rock Galleries is the area’s most trusted source for estate cleanouts.


How BRG’s Estate Cleanouts Work

Simply schedule your estate cleanout appointment by calling 203-335-0000. One of our estate professionals with consult with you and provide you with an up-front proposal outlining costs, timeline, and other details.  Once the agreement is signed, our friendly and professional estate team will arrive during the scheduled appointment time. They will go through the estate with a fine-toothed comb to determine which items can be sold, discarded, and donated. In the end, everything is gone, the home is empty — and we’ll even broom-sweep the space for you!


Our Easy Cleanout Process

Choosing BRG as your estate cleanout provider is simple!


Book a no-obligation consultation with our estate professionals. Call 203-335-0000. We tailor our service offerings to your specific needs. Our friendly and professional staff arrives at the appointed time and takes care of everything.


We will provide you with a clear proposal for our services and base our pricing on volume of salable, donatable, and discardable items.  It’s really that simple.


We’ll carefully evaluate and when appropriate remove items from the home, sell those items that have value, and sweep up the area before we leave. We’ll take care of everything!


While we find value in most household items, sometimes things are better off donated. By using our unique service offerings you keep junk from the landfill while doing good.