Online Estate Auction Services


Black Rock Galleries combines 20 years of personalized service with the development of our very own online auction software.  Our online auction platform allows us to serve our clients with discretion, ease and limited interruption.  Generally, when a liquidation is needed, there are many factors in play for the client; selling real estate, moving, probate and divorce are just some of the additional situations that surround a liquidation. We take the stress out of the selling process so you can focus on more important matters.



Initial Consult: Families, executors and collectors contact BRG for a free consultation on the property they wish to divest.

Pre-Auction Prep: Once a contract is signed, BRG photographs, catalogs and uploads the sale to our site.

Marketing: A marketing team ensures your items / sale receive maximum exposure in the local and specialty markets.

The Sale: Auctions are live for 10 - 14 days with starting bids of $1. The bidding frenzy really heats up within the last hour of the auction closing.

Accounting: BRG handles payment and pick up. A settlement check and a full report are presented to the seller within 30 days of completion.

Some of our past auctions include the set of Boardwalk Empire, the Sky Club, the Estate of Betty and Thomas Mellon Evans, The Getty Estate, the Estate of Alexander Raydon and hundreds of other families who have put their trust in BRG to bring the best returns on their assets.

Please call the gallery directly at 203-335-0000 and we will be happy to discuss the option of a personal online auction with you.